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Poor Posture

Dr. Linne over the past couple of years has been seeing an alarming rate of patients that are suffering from a condition that is being termed text neck. This is a condition that is associated with poor posture from years of sitting or from using electronic devices in repetitive positions. The way text neck got its name was through people holding their cell phones for hours upon hours a day with their neck in a forward flexed position. Essentially text neck is when the neck no longer has its natural curve and has become straight or even begins curving in the opposite direction.  Text neck has been linked according to an article written in the Washington post with Headaches, degenerative joint disease, anxiety, depression, fatigue, loss of lung function, etc. Our clinic has figured out how to correct this condition and return the curve in your neck back to its normal position. Dr. Linne has done years of research trying to figure out the best solution to help put this epidemic to an end. Contact our office today to set up a free consultation today and learn how Dr. Linne can Help you. Read the article below.

Article written by the Washington post: