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Bryan Texas 77802 in Bryan Towne Center

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"Will  P."

Dr. Linne is an exceptional Chiropractor. I have a physically demanding job in law enforcement, and am very active with biking, Goldsfit, and other sports. About a year ago I was waking up with back pain, hurting on the job, and worst of all having trouble picking up my young kids.


I went to see Dr. Linne, and after a consultation he explained my issues and a plan for recovery. After a few visits, I immediately noticed relief. I continued with his recovery plan, and have been pain free for 6 months plus. Now I continue to see Dr. Linne and use his recovery lounge when I’m sore from workouts or biking.


I highly recommend Dr. Linne and his recovery lounge.

"Allen C."

I have been to several chiropractors in my lifetime and can honestly say Dr. Linne's skills are far superior to all the other doctors I have visited. From disk injuries, neck pain, headaches and pinched nerves Dr. Linne has always been able to get me back to normal.

Best of all, he will take the time to listen to the issues I have and recommend activities I can do on my own to help recover. He doesn't push long recovery plans on me like previous chiropractors have done.

Simply put, Dr. Linne will get you back to normal in a reasonable amount of time without costing a fortune!

"DeAnn M."

Dr. Linne is the best chiropractor around! He listens to everything that we say and never rushes us, to get to the next patient. Not only do I go to him, my 16 and 11 year old is seen by Dr. Linne. I’m thankful that my friend referred us and I recommend anyone to go see Dr. Linne!

"Stacy H."

Dr. Linne is a great chiropractor. He is knowledgeable and thorough in exams, adjustments, and therapy. Dr. Linne listens to what you have to say about your pain and/or discomfort. I never feel rushed when I go see I do at some other doctor’s offices. He understands if you have financial constraints and works to make a plan that can meet your physical and financial needs! I would highly recommend you check him out!

Michelle L. 

I’ve been to several chiropractors, and I have to say that Dr. Linne is by far the best! Thankfully, a running friend recommended Dr. Linne to me. I was having trouble with an annoying pain in my heel. He listened to my issue and clearly explained the course of action. Dr. Linne uses truly cutting edge techniques to provide the best treatment possible. I’m very active and often get aches and pains. Dr. Linne takes the time to address each issue as it arises. He takes time with his patients and doesn’t just rush to adjust and move on. I recommend Dr. Linne to all my running friends and fitness partners. Spinal health is one of the biggest keys to staying healthy and aging gracefully. Dr. Linne is the guy that can get a you moving and keep you moving.

"Krista T."

Dr. Linne was the first chiropractor I’ve ever been to. I had a lot of questions and was a bit nervous at first, but he answered them all thoroughly while making me feel comfortable. He also made sure to explain the root of my problem and the treatments I would be going through. I have been going to him for quite a few months and he has always been extremely nice to me. He cares about each and every one of his patients. 10/10.

"Jaime E."

I’m so thankful I found Dr. Linne. He’s helped me tremendously. I came to him with severe mid back pain. He listened to my concerns and pinpointed my problem. I started feeling relief after my first few visits. I’m now pain free! I highly recommend him to my friends and anyone that talks to me about their back pain.

"Ashley V."

I’ve received excellent, professional care delivered with kindness. Thank you for your hard work, taking the time to be attentive to your patients needs and listening to their medical concerns fully. Dr. Linne is fantastic!

Lori R.

We were so lucky to find Dr. Linne when my son Joseph, who is a distance runner, was dealing with pain issues. He had not been able to run for over a week, which was very frustrating for him. Dr. Linne, who was also a cross country runner, assessed him and gave him strategies to begin implementing immediately. Dr. Linne kept up with how he felt on and off the track. We saw his running start to improve, but most importantly we saw the benefits in his posture, daily habits, and recovery. Joseph finished the season strong, ended up with a first place finish at district, and has continued to train injury-free post season. We are so grateful for his expertise.

"Justine F."

About 2 years ago my family and I got in a terrible car accident. It left me with so much lower back pain and shoulder pain. I saw a chiropractor in Katy for the past year and a half. I didn’t feel much of a difference or progress in my mobility or pain reduction. When I moved to College Station I saw Dr. Linne and WOW! After my first adjustment I felt a major improvement. I didn’t have the spinal pains that I had been experiencing for the past few years. He took the time to understand my pre-existing issues to set me on a path of better mobility and pain management. So so grateful!

"Dellaney W."

Dr. Linne is by far the best chiropractor I have even been to! The past two doctors I went to were unable to get my neck to pop properly, but Dr. Linne got it with no problem. He will make you feel comfortable, respects your time, and you will leave feeling great!!

"Tanner R."

Dr. Patrick is a great person and an even better chiropractor! As a chiropractor myself, I place my full confidence in Dr. Patrick to care for my family, friends, and referrals! If you want to have a doctor educate you on how to change your life and performance, Dr. Pat is the one!